AbaData has acquired TRIAGE by Trusted Pipeline Advisor.into

TRIAGE hazard algorithms consider "blind-spot" integrity threats overlooked by industry standard software and is proven to predict and prevent pipeline corrosion failures with greater accuracy.

Up to 45%

Savings on direct corrosion
mitigation costs


incident reduction


Direct corrosion mitigation cost savings achieved


Of integrity engineering excellence


Advanced hazard classification algorithms powered by AI and Machine Learning

Harnessing cutting-edge technology including Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), TRIAGE by AbaData leverages extensive data to gain profound insights into pipeline behaviour. Its sophisticated algorithms analyze over 40 years of pipeline performance data from over 440,000 km of pipelines and incorporates 11,500 failure events.

Enhanced Pattern Recognition
Optimized Network Connectivity & Flow Analysis
Advanced External Hazard Analysis
Determined Consequence exposure Values
Geohazard Exposure Analysis
Real-Time Assessment and Reporting
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TRIAGE by AbaData is available to 250 Alberta pipeline companies every month.

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Boost efficiency and reduce pipeline risk

TRIAGE by AbaData is engineered to serve as an indispensable tool for pipeline integrity specialists and field operations teams. The platform provides functionality designed to elevate operational efficiency while minimizing integrity-related risks. Key features include:

  • • Comprehensive system analysis: evaluation of all pipeline components, including reservoirs, well behaviour, and the interconnecting pipelines, treating the network as an integrated system.

  • • Lifecycle durability assessment: calculates the projected lifespan of pipelines while ensuring risk-optimized deployment of integrity management activities to deliver reliable structural integrity through the operational lifespan.

  • • Corrosion detection: consideration of corrosion caused by normally produced fluids combined with consideration of transient ingress of fugitive corrosion substances capable of contributing to accelerated deterioration of pipeline integrity.

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TRIAGE by AbaData is less than $5,000/month for most companies.

Additional Pipeline Integrity Services

AbaData's Trusted Pipeline Advisors offer engineering assessment and consulting services focused on risk-optimized integrity management in the field. With over 50 years of experience and data pattern analysis, we provide industry leading solutions for safe, cost-efficient oil and gas transportation while ensuring regulatory compliance.

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Additional Pipeline Integrity Services Offered

“Our field operations, pipeline and risk management teams appreciate access to corrosion consulting and mitigation guidance within AbaData. They quickly qualify and integrate the work to reduce the potential for leaks at a much lower cost compared with traditional methods.”

Obsidian Energy Ltd.

“I have been using AbaData’s mapping program for over 10 years. The user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, and the programs functionality has helped save a significant amount of time on mapping and data analysis tasks.”

“As a large enterprise with complex data needs, we’ve been thrilled with the suite of AbaData software tools. The flexibility and scalability of the platform have allowed us to customize our data solutions to meet our business requirements, and the user-friendly interface has made it easy for our teams to adopt.”

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