AbaData Vegetation Management

Take control of your vegetation management.

Streamline your operations and reduce costs.

AbaData's Vegetation Management software is a comprehensive digital solution to help companies optimize their vegetation management process. Powered by AbaData, users can track progress, review historical site logs, capture site photographs, generate robust reporting, and more - all while being offline or online. With an intuitive management console, users can improve vegetation management performance, manage risk, and save costs.

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Case Study

Leading producer saves $500k in annual vegetation management costs

Before implementing AbaData’s Vegetation Management tool, the client utilized 6 FTEs grappling with the challenges of spreadsheet chaos, slow reporting, and a convoluted vendor process.

Enter AbaData's Vegetation Management tool. The implementation streamlined operations, helped reallocate resources and eliminated spreadsheets. Real-time reporting became a cornerstone for the client's business, enabling agile decision-making and granting them unprecedented control over the vendor management process.

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Key Features and Functionality

Vendor Management

Create multiple vendors and assign sites to them. Vendors only have access to the sites they have been assigned.

Offline Capabilities

Works 100% offline while in the field, eliminating the need for the device to be on-line.

Progress Tracking

Get real-time access to progress data to ensure vegetation management project remains on track.

Historical Site Logs

Access historical site visit information from any device connected to the internet.

Powered by AbaData

View vegetation management sites with the full power of AbaData including key industry datasets.


Manage app users and sites through our easy-to-use web portal.

Photo Attachment

Capture site photographs while completing inspections and upload to AbaData Maps for easy viewing.

Unified Data Capture

Unify inspection forms across all vendors ensuring you get the information you need every time.

“As a large enterprise with complex data needs, we’ve been thrilled with the suite of AbaData software tools. The flexibility and scalability of the platform have allowed us to customize our data solutions to meet our business requirements, and the user-friendly interface has made it easy for our teams to adopt.”

"AbaData’s vegetation management module has streamlined our operations and saved us countless hours of work. The mapping and reporting features are incredibly user friendly and have given us greater visibility into our vegetation management efforts."

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