In late 2003 the AbaData Internet mapping program made its first appearance on the website. Originally designed as a mapping tool to be used internally for Abacus employees to access information to assist in One Call management, line locating and facility mapping, AbaData was soon released to the Abacus client base and eventually to the entire energy industry. As you can see from the 2003 screenshot above, the original AbaData login page has little in common with our current home at Early versions of AbaData had datasets limited to Alberta pipelines, wells, some roads and hydro and the survey parcels, whereas the current version features dozens of datasets sourced from multiple provinces covering many industry segments.

The only things that have stayed constant throughout AbaData’s 10-year existence are the price and the service and support provided by Abacus. Despite the massive increase in data and functionality added in 10 years, the $1,250.00 price you’ll pay for an AbaData subscription now is the same as you would have paid when the program was first released. And on the service side, we continue to work to help our clients make the most out of AbaData and appreciate the customer feedback that has helped us improve the program every year.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.