The fourth AbaData Academy course was released this week with the hopes of making AbaData 2.0 users familiar with the critical layer type of Surveys.

Especially because of changes in the way survey information is accessed in AbaData 2.0 compared to the Original AbaData, we thought it was important to release a survey course in Academy early in the game.

Many of the survey-type layers in the original AbaData were accessed via their own checkbox under the Map Display menu which appeared high on the left-side menu of the screen. Dispositions, registered plans of surveys (parcels), title mapping, Crown Mineral agreements and Saskatchewan Survey Plans each was identified separately, making it very obvious which ones were turned on and which ones weren’t.

As part of the redesign done to create AbaData 2.0, we looked at using space more efficiently – particularly with an eye to eliminating the huge text area that the left-side menu of the Original AbaData had become.

Because of this many of the layer types are bundled together in AbaData 2.0.  When you click on Map Display at the top and click on the Surveys Layer, you will see all the distinct types of survey layers show up to the right, each with its own checkbox.

Our thinking was to streamline the menus significantly, and put similar items together to make finding them fairly intuitive.  But we know it is different and that for some users very familiar with the Original AbaData, it will take getting used to.  That’s where the Academy is supposed to come in.  By watching some videos and taking some quizzes, you can get familiarized with the features and functionality of the program and hopefully be able to log in and use the features right away.

Academy registration has been growing at a steady rate and we are hoping that it’s helping our users get more comfortable in the new program.

Now we would like to hear back from you on how you are finding the Academy courses so far, and what courses you think should be coming next.

Don’t be shy.  Tell us what you think.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.