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Over the course of a day, our AbaData support staff get all sorts of questions from our users.  From the simple stuff like ‘How can I change events when I open up a well in AbaData 2.0?’ to more complicated questions like ‘ How can I generate a report of all pipelines that company ‘A’ has that fall within Brazeau County?’

With so many different people working within so many different disciplines in so many different industries all using AbaData, it’s no wonder there are a lot of different questions that come up.

And while we will always be happy to answer your questions, we are also hoping that more users will take advantage of our AbaData Academy training program.   The newest course in the Academy library – AbaData 2.0 Surface Layers – has just been released.  This brings the total number of courses available to six and we will continue to bring new lessons onboard.

By signing up for the Academy, you can watch videos and take quizzes on your own schedule, gain proficiencies in the various features of AbaData 2.0 and earn points along the way.

AbaData Academy points can be redeemed for several items, including Klean Kanteen water bottles, maps and USB chargers.

Oh – and Tim Horton’s gift cards.  As one user put it, ‘That’s all I need.’

If you have been keeping up with the Academy courses, take a look at the new Surface Land course and get familiarized with the Environment, Facilities, Terrain and Utility layer groups in the Map Display menu.

If you haven’t signed up for the Academy yet, consider taking a look at what is has to offer.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.