Site directions, minus the expletives.

If you are involved in the energy service or transportation industry, AbaData Direction Map will help get your equipment on site on time. Our Direction Map program is a straightforward, easy-to-use program that generates LSD-based mapping showing facilities and wells along with an extensive rural road network and aerial and satellite photography. Dispatchers appreciate how fast a detailed road map to energy infrastructure can be generated.


Ready to drive

AbaData Direction Map is first and foremost a driving tool. The program allows users to create detailed, user-friendly mapping to be used to navigate to oilfield locations in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Township and ranges roads are identified on the map.


LSD based

Our Direction Map program uses Legal Land Descriptions as its primary location input, meaning you can create maps using the job information given to you. No more having to try and convert into latitudes and longitudes or interpreting confusing directions.


The detail you need

When driving to oilfield locations, context is everything. That’s why the Direction Map program has facilities, wells and lease and access roads visible on the map. Aerial and satellite photography can also be turned on to provide more information for drivers.


Search by type

Looking to get quick directions to a community, reserve, lake or park? With Direction Map, you can pull a list of geographic locations. Select the one you want and the program will generate a map that will help you on your way to driving there.


Maps made to fit

Once a map is generated in the Direction Map program, you have the ability to manipulate it into the best view for you. Easy-to-use zoom and pan tools let you optimize the map for the location, and measurements can quickly be added to the map.


Put more on the map

For companies looking for more data, the AbaData Direction Map program can be enhanced with subscriptions to Province & State Permitting road restriction information or Canadian Wellsite rig locator data.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.