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For users looking for comprehensive information on Western Canada’s energy industry, AbaData is the tool of choice. The online mapping program features data on energy infrastructure, surficial and environmental information and aerial imagery coupled with powerful map-querying and database reporting tools. Because of the volume of information available in AbaData, it has become a one-stop shop for many users looking for oilfield information.

“Where we use to rely on multiple programs and mapping systems to compile the data required for our work, we can now find the same information contained within Abadata, saving us both time and money.” Stacy Thygesen, JSK Consulting
crown mineral agreements

Crown Mineral Agreements

AbaData provides the ability to see Crown Mineral Agreement holding areas on the map and to be able to open up an agreement to view the information – including percentage ownership of mineral rights by multiple partners.



AbaData users can access detailed aerial photography throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia.  The high-quality images provide critical surficial information for planning and environmental work.

ERCB pipeline ticket

ERCB Pipelines

Complete pipeline locations and licensing information available for all pipelines licensed by the ERCB.  Complete pipeline ticket selectable from map, with data updated monthly.

well production report


AbaData provides up-do-date information on all wells licensed in British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan.  Well details and production information updated monthly keep users connected to critical well data.

facility window


Facility locations, types, licensees and operators are viewable and selectable from the AbaData map view.  Facilities can be filtered by type, operator or licencee with information updated monthly.

parcel mapping


Essential for planning, all registered plans-of-survey boundaries are available on AbaData, allowing users to see pipeline right-of-ways, subdivision plan boundaries, road, rail or powerline plan boundaries, updated monthly.


Spills / Complaints

Users have full, filterable access to the ERCB historical spill and complaint database which is updated monthly.  The location of incidents is shown on the map, linked to the full spill information logged by the board.

Title mapping

Title Mapping

Using land ownership (title) boundaries updated monthly, AbaData users can create title mapping reports based on a map radius which can then be uploaded to the SPINII system to download land ownership.

well survey

Well Surveys

Abacus spent several years creating digital well surveys from the original ERCB microfiche.  AbaData users have full access to all well surveys in Alberta, as well as thousands of surveys in Saskatchewan.



All Crown land surface disposition boundaries show up on AbaData, helping those planning surface activity see existing land use and better understand the factors that may affect their ongoing land-use plans.

water wells

Water Wells

The Alberta Environment domestic water well database is available through AbaData, updated monthly.  Users have access to drilling reports, lithology reports and all the submitted chemistry data for Alberta water wells.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.