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The Reports section at the top of the AbaData 2.0 page has two separate sections.  Each provides data from the program, but each allows the user to access the information in different ways.

select report

select bottom

The Select Report icon under the Reports section lets a user pull data from AbaData 2.0 based on an area or item selected on the map. The reports available are based on what items and layers are turned on under the Map Display section. If there are no reportable items selected when the Select Report is chosen, a window like the previous image will appear, indicating that there are no reports available.

To Select from the map, ensure the tool being used is the select tool tool under the Tools menu on the left side of the map, click and hold the left mouse button and window across the items you want to report on to make the selection. Selectable items will then be highlighted in yellow on the map, as in the following image.

Select Map Example

Select Map Example

To deselect items or start the selection process from the beginning, you may click on the Clear Selected Map Objects button clear map objects to unhighlight the selected items.

Select Pipelines Select Everything

If there is only one reportable dataset selected, as in the previous image, left, then only that item will show up in the report list. If, as in the image to the right, there are multiple selections available, then the user can select the report to run by clicking on the button to the left of the item, and clicking on the Run Report button.

The reports available under the Select section include:

  • Company
  • Pipelines
  • Pipeline Elevation Profile
  • Wells
  • Well Export
  • Well Production
  • Well Annual Production Totals
  • Water Well
  • Water Well Lithology
  • Water Well Chemistry
  • Water Well Production
  • Dispositions
  • Facility
  • Spills/Complaints
  • Waypoints
  • Waypoint Signs
  • Titles
  • HRVs

Most of the Select reports will open an information screen containing the relevant information that can be exported to various file formats. The Title Download Select Report creates a text file containing Title LINC numbers which can be saved and imported into the SPIN II system to generate a land titles report.

The Pipeline Elevation Profiles report will generate elevation graphs for up to four selected pipeline segments, showing the ground elevation along the length of the pipelines, as shown below.

Pipeline Elevation Profiles Report

Pipeline Elevation Profiles Report

By selecting dispositions on the map and running a disposition report under the Select menu, a detailed report will be generated which provides the information for the dispositions on the map, as in the following image.

Disposition Report

Disposition Report