Available Datasets

Below is a chart outlining the various types of data included in the AbaData 2.0 program, their sources and their update cycle.

Data Type Source Update Cycle
High Pressure Pipelines AER Monthly
High Pressure Pipeline Attribute Data AER Monthly
Low Pressure Pipelines Alberta Rural Utilities Yearly
Low Pressure Pipeline Contact Data Alberta Rural Utilities Yearly
Irrigation Pipelines Participating Districts As Available
Water Co-Op Pipelines Participating Regions As Available
Wells AER Monthly
Newly Licenced Wells AER Daily
Well Production Data AER Monthly
Well General Data AER Monthly
Historical Well Survey Plats AER As Available
New Well Survey Plats AER Daily
Roads AltaLIS As Available
Cities & Towns AltaLIS -
Lakes & Rivers AltaLIS -
Reserves AltaLIS -
Parks & Special Areas Alberta Environment -
ASCMs Surveying & Mapping Division As Available
Contours AltaLIS -
County Boundaries AltaLIS As Available
Twp-Rge Road Labels - -
Water Crossing Restrictions Alberta Environment Yearly
Wildlife Sensitivity Alberta ESRD When Available
Spills & Complaints AER Monthly
Parcel Mapping (Alberta) AltaLIS Monthly
Parcel Mapping (Federal Lands) NRCan Monthly
Facilities AER Monthly
Aerial Photography Valtus As Available
Satellite Photography SPOT As Available
Crown Mineral Agreements Alberta Energy Weekly
Surface Dispositions Alberta Energy Daily
Surface Disposition Boundaries AltaLIS Monthly
WCSS Boundaries & Control Points WCSS As Available
Telus Trenches TELUS As Available
AGRASID Soil Data Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development As Available
Domestic Water Wells Alberta Environment As Available
Monitoring Wells Alberta Environment As Available
Historic Resources Alberta Culture and Tourism Twice Yearly
Coal Mines AER Yearly
Coal Holes AER Monthly
Traplines Alberta Energy Daily
Exploration Restricted Areas Alberta Environment As Available
Non Permit Areas Alberta Environment As Available
Natural Sub Regions Alberta Environment As Available
Seed Zones Alberta Environment As Available
Airstrips Aviation Council As Available
Weather Stations Environment Canada Multiple Times Daily
Environmentally Significant Areas Alberta Government As Available