AbaData 2.0 Top Menubar

AbaData 2.0 Top Menubar

Across the top of the AbaData 2.0 window are some of the areas that allow the user to change how information is showing up on the map. Clicking on the icons will open new menus.

Map Display

The Map Display menu controls the information being displayed on the map.  By default, AbaData 2.0 accounts will be set up to show certain information automatically, like Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) pipelines and wells, low pressure pipelines and the NTS or DLS grid, depending on the map location.

map display

By clicking on the Map Display icon, the menu will open.  The Map Display area is made up of two main areas, the primary layer selections and the detail area.  On the left side are the primary layer checkboxes.  These checkboxes control whether or not a primary layer will show on the map.  The selections you make under map display will show immediately on the map window.  In the image above, you can see that the primary layers Pipelines, Wells and Terrain are turned on.  If you click on the text name for one of the primary layers, a more extensive menu area will show up on the detail area to the right.  In the right part of the image above, the finer layer controls for the Terrain layer are shown.