If you are an avid AbaData Academy user you may have noticed a small change to our video player recently. We are excited to officially announce that we will now be offering Closed Captioning across all of our AbaData Academy videos as well as any future videos we produce. We feel that this feature is important whether you may be hearing impaired or are just sick of hearing our voices (we don’t blame you!). To enable the subtitles simply click the CC button on the bottom bar of the video player and select English, it couldn’t be any easier than that.

At Abacus Datagraphics we value customer feedback and strive to create solutions to any problems or concerns they may have. This extends across all of our products. If you have a suggestion or comment for us you can contact us through any of our social media accounts, by email or through Get Satisfaction and we would be glad to help!

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AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.