How To Play

To start your Energy empire you must first login to AbaData 2.0. You can access the AbaData 2.0 login page by clicking the login button located in the top right hand corner of this page. Not sure how to access AbaData 2.0? Contact us at

All existing AbaData subscribers get access to AbaData 2.0 at no extra cost.

New Tournament Style Gameplay!

Starting June 1, 2015, AbaData Energy will run tournaments in three month cycles. That means, every three months there will be a new set of prizes available to be won by those players who are best able to build their empire. The prizes for the first tournament are:

  • First Place: Apple Watch
  • Second Place: Fitbit Charge HR
  • Third Place: Garmin Vivo Fit 2

At the start of every tournament, the potential of each parcel of land will be randomized, and each player will be awarded $500,000 to start. The rest of the gameplay will remain the same.

There will also be a way to earn points to rank yourself on the global leaderboard. These points will not be reset at the end of a tournament, but will continue accumulating to allow you to prove that you are the best of the best. Along with points, there will also be permanent prizes awarded that will help you maintain your dominance in future tournaments.

Once logged in simply click on the “Play” button and select the ‘Start Playing” button in orange, than click the ‘Turn on Gameboard’ button. From there you are ready to start your new CEO position.


To start you need to determine the best place for your aspiring corporation’s first well. There are two ways you can go about this! You can either guess or you can either scout. If you guess you are up to the mercy of the land to determine how well your well will do. If you scout the land you pay a small fee but you know exactly (?) how high (or how low!) the rating on the land is.Once you have purchased your land you are now ready to enhance it with a well. Simply click on the land you own, press “Enhance Land” and drill your first well! There are a variety of improvements you can place on land such as a well, a storage tank or a refinery. Don’t forget to inspect your wells or you could possibly face fines for non compliance! Click here for more details!

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to inspect my facilities?
You have to inspect your facilities to make sure they are in tip top shape, the fine for not inspecting a facility is $50,000 for every facility not inspected as well as a hit to your government standing! The government inspections are randomly chosen but you’re better off to not chance it!

I can’t see any of my land!
Make sure you press the Turn On Gameboard button! The game won’t display if you do not have this button selected. Likewise if you want to stop seeing the game simple click the Turn Off Gameboard button.