Almost three months and 64 clues later, the AbaData 2.0 Treasure Hunt contest has wrapped up with all 50 prizes being claimed.

Some of the prizes were nabbed just minutes after the first clue was released in AbaData 2.0, while others stayed up for grabs for days and even weeks as users scoured the map for a sign of the elusive treasure chest icon that meant they had won. There were several ways for clues to be offered, from the picture of the huge truck at Sparwood, BC (that prize was won just minutes after the clue was released) to more riddle-like hints that sometimes took a lot of thinking and some Googling to figure out.

With $10,000.00 in prizes, the Treasure Hunt contest was a great way for AbaData subscribers to be rewarded with some fun map sleuthing and great items. Prizes included Android and Apple tablets, a good range of wireless devices for the home (thermostats, smoke detectors, light switches etc.) and lots of fun stuff to use indoors and outdoors.

We had put a one prize per person and five prizes per company limit in place for the contest and we were happy to see the prizes spread around quite a bit. McElhanney was the only company to hit the five prize limit, with Navus Environmental, Caltech Surveys and PennWest Exploration each winning four prizes. Winners came from all sorts of firms, from surveying, engineering, environmental, irrigation, municipal, producing and consulting companies.

For us at Abacus, the contest was our way of kicking off the release of AbaData 2.0, our new flagship mapping program. We’ve got thousands of loyal users of our Classic AbaData program, and we are looking to introduce those users to AbaData 2.0. Now that the Treasure Hunt contest is over, we are hoping that the hundreds of users who have logged on to AbaData 2.0 will keep taking advantage of the new interface and mobile capabilities of the new program.

We’re also hoping that – Treasure Hunt or no Treasure Hunt – AbaData users keep moving across to the new platform so they can get the benefits of new features just not possible in the previous AbaData, like drag and drop file input, and the newly released direction/routing feature that features turn-by-turn navigation.

Congratulations to those of you who won in the Treasure Hunt contest, and a big thanks to all our users who are giving AbaData 2.0 a try.

For those of you who have not logged on to the new program yet, we encourage you to do so and see what the future of AbaData mapping looks like.

AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.