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AbaData 2.0 is utilized by people from various industry segments as a quick and efficient way of accessing all sorts of data.  From Alberta Energy Regulator data to environmental restrictions, AbaData is a powerful reference tool for finding out what is happening at a site.

Part of the value of the program comes from the ability to do markup on the map, inserting user-specific information on top of the industry data already there.

The fifth installment of the AbaData Academy learning series deals with the drawing and buffer tools in AbaData 2.0.  While the original AbaData program features a full slate of drawing tools, AbaData 2.0’s more robust mapping engine gives us more options and features for the drawing tools, making customized markup even easier and more powerful.

The drawing tools can be used to identify an area on the map, draw in a future lease site, or even plot a potential pipeline route and generate an elevation profile for that line to determine any elevation issues that may arise.  The handy right-click feature for drawing and text tools means moving, editing and enhancing the drawing tool objects is an easy process in AbaData 2.0.

Buffer tools let a user create point or line buffers on the map and can be used to generate reports – for example to figure out what companies are operating within 300 metres of a proposed pipeline route.

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AbaData is a premium mapping tool developed by Abacus Datagraphics, Western Canada's leading supplier of maps to the petroleum industry.